Time of the maxi skirt


by Camilla Ridley

How silk maxi skirts became the transitional wardrobe staple. Three leading influencers share their opinions and styling advice for this season. Plus take advantage of our exclusive reader promotion ridleylondon-luxury-silk-maxi-skirts-@bricksandstitches-blog-image

The ever stylish Becky from @bricksandstitchesdemonstrating three transitional winter looks with our versatile Ridley London printed silk maxi dresses: with biker jacket and boots, with Wyse cashmere and Serafini trainers, with denim for warmer days

The festive period is now well and truly behind us and this is widely recognised as the time to cleanse, de-clutter and consolidate. If you’re anything like me, January means taking a long hard look at your wardrobe, getting real, clearing some space and getting rid of all those pieces that seemed like such a great idea at the time, but in reality you’re never likely to wear again. Think the KonMari methodreorganising your collections to optimise joy- as espoused by Netflix star and queen of declutter Marie Kondo.

However, if you’re smart, it can also mean picking up one or two savvy bargains in the extended sales which will see you through the winter months, into spring and beyond. The best buzz phrase I’ve heard along these lines recently is from The Time’s Jane McFarland with, ‘out with the runway and in with reality’. And this sentiment seems to sum up a far wider attitude that’s taking hold in the fashion world right now.

According to the latest results from the retail behemoths, low heels, cross body bags and classic tailoring all gained huge momentum last season. Comfort, ease and practicality appear to be driving fashion buys like never before. As Natalie Kingham buying director at matchesfashion.com says:

 'There’s a strong reaction out there now to things that won’t date quickly, with greater thought being given to wear ability and getting your money’s worth. In a time of such uncertainty, perhaps there is comfort to be had in having those timeless pieces in your wardrobe.’

We’ve seen this trend towards fashion that really delivers growing for sometime now, with customers increasingly opting for clever, versatile pieces that really transform the way they look and feel and can be worn time and time again to a variety of occasions. This move towards wear-ability is beautifully summed up by the effervescent Kat from @doesmybumlook40 in her rules for sale shopping:

‘You must be able to think of three occasions when you can wear an item (3 school runs doesn’t count).’

The consensus amongst the influencers we work with is that there is no single item that satisfies these criteria right now more than a luxurious Ridley printed silk maxi skirt. And Google trends shows that maxi skirts have remained strong over the past five years, with an increase in internet search from January, peaking in May or June. This gives us the clearest indication that the trend for silk maxi skirts is continuous. In essence, maxi skirts have become a key wardrobe staple.

And if the old adage of the ‘hemline index theory’  (which suggests that longer hemlines correlate to periods of economic uncertainty) and Bloomberg’s analysis of the recent bond rate inversion is anything to go by… the popularity of silk maxi skirts looks set to continue for sometime.

But to really understand the brilliance and versatility of this piece, we got together with some of our favourite influencers to talk about all things silk maxi skirts, including some easy styling tips for this season. Take it away ladies….


The effervescent Kat from @doesmybumlook40 demonstrating a variety of distinctive looks can work with a versatile Ridley London printed silk maxi skirt. (From top) pairing different colour tops to the floral Liberty carnival print, (bottom left) dressed with a blazer for spring and with denim and a scarf (bottom right) for a relaxed everyday look.

Why do you think silk maxi skirts have become so popular?


Becky @bricksandstitches

That’s an easy one, they’re just so wearable…wherever I’m going. Whether I’ve got two minutes to race out of the house for the school run, or I’m off to a meeting, or out for an evening, I can just slip one straight on knowing I’ll always feel great. And they work just as well with trainers and a t-shirt as a blouse and heels. 

Kat @doesmybumlook40

Maxi skirts are so versatile, they literally go with anything, which makes them totally transitional. The skirt for all occasions and seasons. From day into night, for work and play. Throw one on with a pair of trainers, ankle boots and a sweatshirt or dress it up with a blouse and killer heels. And there you have it… Instant glamour.

Natalia @shedreamsof gucci

Skirts are really in this year and maxi skirts are a designer classic that just keep on giving. Fantastically flattering, they elongate, transforming even the most vertically challenged and curvy to appear almost Amazonian. Ridley silk maxi skirts are also so versatile. They work with just about everything and the fabulous floral prints transform any outfit creating easy, wearable glamorous styles. 


Same skirt different look created by colour matching your top half with colours from the print. (Top row)  The loverly Natalia from @shedreamsofgucci demonstrating the versatility of our silk maxi skirts. Pairs her leopard print silk maxi skirt with denim, jumper and trainers or a slim polo neck and biker jacket for a more sophisticated urban look. (Bottom row) shows the red version of the leopard print silk maxi skirt paired with boots, polo neck and overcoat or dark denim as won by Becky from @bricksandstitches

Which is your favourite Ridley silk maxi skirt and why?


Natalia @shedreamsof gucci

I love the animal prints and cool winter florals this season, which are also bang on trend for spring and the perfect blend of edge and enduring. 

Kat @doesmybumlook40

Right now I’m loving the bold floral carnival print silk maxi skirt. Its such a statement print, looks great with trainers and a biker and will definitely work for spring and summer. The other great thing about a colourful print is you get so many colour matching options.

Becky @bricksandstitches

For me its got to be the mixed animal print silk maxi skirt. It’s a uniquely edgy take on the current animal print trend and I love the way the colours within the skirt work so well with any colours. It makes it such a versatile piece which I'm going to be wearing right through to summer.


How are you styling your silk maxi skirt right now and how would this change for summer?


Kat @doesmybumlook40

The great thing about maxi skirts is that they literally go with anything, so if you’ve got a plethora of blouses and tees this silk maxi skirt is perfect. And literally any jacket works… boucle, biker or even a trench. My current favourite winter look has got to be a slim fit polo neck and a biker jacket. So elegant. And for summer its a neat fitting t-shirt and a blazer. A maxi skirt with a blazer and a tee…who would have thought this would work. 

Becky @bricksandstitches

My favourite look this season is pairing your silk maxi with my new black Wyse cashmere jumper and Serafini trainers from myfashiontribu.com Its such an easy, comfortable versatile look and I can just stick on a biker jacket. For summer I can just match the skirt with a t-shirt and denim jacket. What could be simpler?

Natalia @shedreamsof gucci

Right now I’m pairing my glorious Ridley London Carmen leopard silk maxi skirt with my Bales leather jacket, a cashmere jumper (by the way I really love the new collection by Wyse) and my trustee pair of goose trainers. It’s such a comfortable, flattering look and easy to wear anywhere day or night. For summer you can literally replace the top half with a t-shirt and a denim jacket or a pair of strappy sandles for smarter occasions. It couldn’t be simpler to look utterly fab.


A maxi skirt with a colourful print is in incredibly versatile and is easily paired with a variety of coloured tops enabling it to seamlessly transition from winter into spring and summer enabling maximum wearability. (From Top left) The ever glamorous Gail from Ridley London rocking a chic boho look with a white polo neck and fabulous Camilla Rose trilby (sold in store). And the stylish Becky from @bricksandstitches showing off the versatility of our Ridley London floral symphony silk maxi skirt with three top half colours for winter into summer.

A unique way to shop

To give you the most wearability, Ridley London maxi skirts are all individually made to order from the most luxurious silks. This means you can have any style in any one of our fabrics or prints. To get the most out of your silk maxi skirt you can speak with one of our experienced stylists who will be happy to offer advice about the options available or alterations you might require. Or you can pop in to our London store to see the latest collection.

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