Eat your way to ageless beauty


by Caroline Sheldon

In her first instalment, Midlife nutrition expert Caroline Sheldon shows you how a few simple changes to the way you eat can result in magnificent gains both inside and out


Caroline is pictured here amongst the freshest of organic lettuces in the pioneering vegetable garden at Le Manoir Quat' Saisons in Oxfordshire. Caroline is wearing the statement autumn Octavia dress by Ridley London in the beautiful olive Mabelle Hall silk satin Liberty print  

Here at Ridley we’re big believers in positive change, and nowhere more so than when it comes making intelligent interventions to improve our health and wellbeing. So when we come across clever people with unique ideas and something important to say, we’re keen to share it with you. I first met the brilliant Caroline Sheldon six months ago at a launch event for my friend Jen from @meet_you_at_the_barre, and her intelligent and personalised approach to women’s nutrition really struck a chord. So much so that we’ve been in touch ever since, and when the opportunity arose to collaborate together for the launch event of our new Ridley autumn collection of dresses and tailoring at Le Manoir Quat’ Saison in Oxford this week, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Caroline has distilled her fascinating session into a concise and insightful guide on how to improve your health, happiness, beauty and wellbeing this winter by making a few simple changes. And I can tell you the results are pretty impressive. On top of this, we’ll also be working together over the coming months to introduce more of Caroline’s expert tips, recipes and insights to help you thrive in midlife! I can’t wait. In the meantime Caroline, it’s over to you….

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Accessing ageless beauty is easier than you think...

I’m delighted to be able to share with you the secrets of ageless beauty. The easiest of changes to what you eat and when you eat can result in magnificent gains both inside and out. Once you realise that what you eat determines how you feel for the next few hours, you are put in control of your energy levels, your mood and your ability to meet life’s inevitable challenges. Once you realise that what you eat determines how well you sleep at night, you’ll know how to give yourself the gift of a refreshing and restoring night’s sleep. We all know how much better we look and feel after a good night’s rest! In the first of my Ridley blogs, I am going to guide you gently through how to organise your day to lay the foundations of ageless beauty.

There is magic in simplicity...

How we begin our day matters. Aim to put a large glass of water on your bedside table and drink it before you get out of bed. Then tune into how much better you feel for it. Delay any caffeine until you eat your breakfast. This allows your body to follow its natural rhythm and increases your energy levels. It also sets you up for a better night’s sleep.


Caroline is pictured here in the pioneering vegetable garden at Le Manoir Quat' Saisons in Oxfordshire with the extraordinary tomatoes. (top right) Raymond Blanc's famous tomato salad based on the freshest of ingredients grown in the garden on site and his mother's original recipe. Caroline is wearing the statement autumn Octavia dress by Ridley London in the beautiful olive Mabelle Hall silk satin Liberty print 

This leads nicely into the question that I am asked most frequently: when should I have my breakfast? My answer is always: eat when you are definitely hungry. I encourage my clients to leave at least a 12 hour gap between the end of dinner and the start of breakfast, but beyond this, I invite you to start to listen to your body’s hunger signals. Start to appreciate the difference between being a bit peckish or eating in response to a stress-provoking event and when are you actually hungry. If you eat for hunger, you will be able eat more at each meal, leave the table properly satisfied and avoid snacking between meals. It really is that simple.

How much should we eat? Eat until 80% full. Chew your food thoroughly and, as you do so, listen to your body and stop eating when you are just full. We will look closely at how to build a beauty-boosting plate of food in the forthcoming blogs. For now, practise working with your body’s signals, it’s both empowering and effective.

Be a pleasure seeker...

Sitting down to eat a plate of food which delights you is the foundation of fantastic digestion. There’s nothing worse than choosing a beautiful outfit for an exciting event and not being able to wear it because your stomach is bloated. By creating simple, but enticing, plates of food which make your taste buds sing, you’ll make enough digestive enzymes to efficiently break down your food and avoid bloating altogether.

Let food be your friend..

We are surrounded by so many conflicting messages about what’s “good” and “bad” for us that many of my clients have fallen out of love with food. Yet food is our biggest ally in achieving ageless beauty and a long, healthy life. This is why Ridley London’s collaboration with the pioneering Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is so important. We are all passionate about sharing the message that we can harness the magnificent power in food for the benefit of ourselves and our planet. We are thrilled that you will be on this journey with us.

Caroline is a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner who works one-to-one with clients around the world via Zoom. She is offering Ridley customers ten per cent off her hugely successful “Power of Food” programme. Further details are available at To take advantage of this offer, please email by 31st October 2023 quoting “Ridley10”.

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