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by Sandy Waterman

Catwalk Newsflash: Skin tight is well and truly out and bold florals are back. So put away those yoga pants’s time to swap spandex for a beautifully tailored floral silk maxi dress.


Our gorgeous new Jodie silk maxi dress is individually made from the finest crepe silk de chine and at no extra cost can be tailored for a perfect fit .

This past weekend saw trending an opinion editorial in The New York Times by Honor Jones titled ‘Why Yoga Pants are Bad for Women’. The crux of the piece was a lament on the pressures of looking sexy in the gym at a cost to practicality. Most of us own a pair or two of tight fitting spandex and few of us would disagree with the conclusion that trapped air in these veritable sausage liners doesn’t make for a comfortable work out. They don’t insulate, they don’t they cool, nor do they absorb moisture. But it got us thinking- not just about why women want to look sexy in the gym, but are they indeed sexy?

For the past 10 years or so, the answer to sexy, has seen the ubiquitous skinny jean and lycra yoga pants worn by women of all sizes and ages. These skin tight varieties encasing our appendages showcase every bump, curve and dimple. Thankfully we all have unique body shapes to be proud of, but there is also a cultural consensus on aesthetic to consider.

At Ridley we believe that sexy is best achieved through the drape and fit of fabric used to the deliberate effect of subtly highlighting our best features.

At Ridley we believe that sexy is best achieved through the drape and fit of fabric used to the deliberate effect of subtly highlighting our best features. A peek at a slim leg through a slit in the fabric is a far more powerful visual in its suggestive nature than the full-on assault of reality from our skin tight options.

And lets face it, sexy isn’t a purely visual concept. Every woman knows that it’s far more about how she feels. And nothing feels more sensual than the touch of exquisite silk on your skin. Just ask the designers of any leading lingerie brand.

Our philosophy was validated at the recent catwalk shows, where skin tight was ne’re to be seen. Bold prints and loose fitting silhouettes dominated at Burberry. While Gucci and Erdem have confidently embraced bold floral chiffon silks this season. 


The catwalks are now teaming with bold colors, feminine florals and looser fits from left to right at Gucci (in London) Burberry (in Milan) and Erdem (in London)

With that in mind, Camilla designed our new collection of Liberty print silk dresses for Spring/Summer ’18 to make every woman look and feel truly sexy. So Put away those skinny jeans and yoga pants because this season is all about the dress. The new arrivals include pieces that transition easily to early spring in chiffon, crepe de chine and satin.


The flattering Ridley London Lauren chiffon silk maxi dress features a subtle side slit, ruffled neckline and flattering high waisted cut

Who says that clothing needs be tight or short to be sexy? The Lauren chiffon silk maxi dress features a subtle side slit revealing a hint of leg and ruffled neckline to suggest a decollete without revealing too much. While the high waisted cut and a-line skirt creates the most flattering silhouette.


The new Ridley London Annabelle silk chiffon tea dress features a flattering bias cut and a delicate skimming line

The new Annabelle dress is based on classically flattering tea dress cut updated for an edgier contemporary look. Also in silk chiffon, it cleverly uses a rear apron tie to subtly cinch the waist while the flounced hem skims the knee. The dress doesn’t rely on a low cut, leaving more to the imagination with a v -cut neckline and delicate cap sleeves. The flattering bias cut skirt is cut away from under the bust creating a very slimming and sexy line whilst the floatiness of the chiffon, delicately layered cap sleeves and apron tie add a demure femininity.


The new Ridley London tailored silk greta maxi dress features a flattering high waisted cut and contoured seams

The Greta silk maxi dress is based on a flattering fitted high waisted cut. Contour seams sculpted under the bust combine with an a-line skirt to enhance the best features of the feminine figure.

Most importantly, every new Ridley Liberty print silk maxi dress can be individually tailored to enhance each wearers unique physique. So you can step out in total confidence that you look and feel your very best. And what's sexier than that?

Call us and make an appointment with one of our expert personal stylists and discover your perfect dress for this season.  

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