Popcorn Old fashioned


by Camilla Ridley

This classic cocktail with a twist is the perfect winter warmer and a favourite at Olympic Studios 


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So Christophe, please explain to our readers how to make an Olympic Studios popcorn old fashioned and why have you chosen this particular cocktail for Christmas.

Hi Camilla and and a merry Christmas everyone reading this recipe. The popcorn old fashioned is one of our most popular signature cocktails here at the Olympic Studios members club and its the perfect drink for a winter evening, to enjoy by a roaring fire. It’s really tasty, glamorous and quite easy to make when you know exactly how. It’s all the ingredients you would expect in a classic old fashioned, alongside popcorn-infused sugar syrup which you can buy here .


5ml of popcorn flavoured sugar syrup

50ml of bourbon

2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Stir all the ingredients together over ice in a large bar glass or the bottom part of a cocktail shaker if you have one. I stir for about a minute so the drink is nice and chilled and everything is properly infused. Then you simply strain the liquid onto a large chunk of ice in a rocks glass. The traditional garnish is with an orange twist and we also like to add a toothpick with popcorn here at Olympic Studios. But you can always enjoy it with a bowel of popcorn and a great Christmas movie!

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