The science of sleeping in silk


by Camilla Ridley

Sleep is the hottest health and wellbeing topic and Silicon Valley's latest focus for digital innovation. But it's been proven that your choice of sleepwear is just as vital. And when it comes to the perfect night's re-charge, a pair of silk pyjamas is scientifically proven to top the list


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Sleep has become the latest frontier in the battle to stay younger, healthier, more energised and fulfilled. The perfect nights sleep has long been a focus for high performing athletes and sports teams, and many of the approaches and technologies they’ve relied on for that extra ounce of performance are now entering the mainstream. From Ai driven memory mattresses which dynamically adjust to optimise your unique sleeping patterns to anti snore pillows, smart lights and active air purification, sleep has become big business. A market that’s currently estimated to be worth over $70Bn in the US alone. Even the latest i-phone 12 includes an integrated sleep tracker, while Silicon Vally App ‘Calm' was recently valued at $2.2Bn. While the latest innovations are largely focused on the peripheries of creating the perfect environment and restful state, there’s a technology that’s long been recognised for it’s incredible sleep optimising properties. Silk.  


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If satin sheets immediately conjure up visions of the most dubious lothario, complete with gold medallions and mirrored ceilings…or that other 1980’s stalwart, Dynasty super bitch Alexis Colby so brilliantly played by Joan Collins, think again. Sleeping in silk is back. A-listers including Victoria Beckham and models Cindy Crawford and Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely have revealed how silk pillow cases have become indispensable elements of their nightly beauty regimes. And it’s easy to understand why. As skin ages, it loses elasticity and sleep creases – which are caused by friction and pressure on facial skin – can become more pronounced and long lasting. While the creases usually go away later that day, they can be gradually ‘ironed in’ over the years. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase allows your skin to glide along the pillow while reducing extra pressure on creased skin. The findings have been confirmed by a recent clinical trial carried out by leading dermatologist Yoram Harth. The study also highlighted the positive role silk pillowcases can play in treating a variety of facial skin conditions. So can sleeping in silk nightwear, for instance a pair of silk pyjamas, positively effect the rest of our bodies and the quality of our sleep?


Influencer Becky Gunning @bricksandstitches relaxing in two pairs of our luxurious silk pyjamas featuring more refined floral Liberty prints including (left) dusty pink Noble silk print and (right) the Columbia Road silk print

Multiple studies have revealed the incredible properties of this most magical natural material, particularly when it comes to sleep. Firstly silk is renowned for it’s luxurious softness against the skin and comfort is a key aspect of generating the highly relaxed state associated with effective sleep. Secondly, silk is also naturally thermoregulating, meaning, a pair of silk pyjamas will keep your body cool when it’s hot and and warm when it’s cold. Maintaining the right body temperature is key to a good night sleep as Ronald Chervin MD, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Michigan explains: “The temperature of the environment we sleep in matters because we have to be comfortable to fall asleep. During REM sleep, (the state most associated with brain processing and re-charging) our bodies stop regulating temperature. We live temporarily like reptiles, and if the environment temperature were very different from that of our bodies, we could lose or gain heat rapidly.” Thirdly, silk contains a naturally high protein content, making it the most hypoallergenic of fabrics. Add to this strong concentrations of natural amino acids and albumen, both renowned for their proven anti-aging properties, and you have a material that helps to speed up the skin’s metabolism, enabling skin cells to develop and repair more rapidly. In essence providing a natural protective barrier which is particularly beneficial to those of us with sensitive skin.


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We’ve created a luxurious new Ridley London silk sleepwear collection all focused on luxurious comfort and individual style. So like our beautiful liberty print silk dresses and skirts, the new sleepwear collection can be individually made to order in your choice of prints and customised for your most comfortable and flattering fit. The new collection includes new silk pyjamas, which are all made in London by our incredible team of seamstresses using a number of traditional tailoring techniques. This not only makes them noticeably more comfortable but also improves strength and durability. We’ve also created a number of smaller items including silk eye masks and silk and cotton covered hot water bottles which make great smaller gifts and stylish stocking fillers. Finally we’re offering special sleepwear gift boxes, featuring all of these luxurious items to give you and your loved ones the perfect nights sleep. And while sleeping in silk can at first seem like an expensive luxury, it’s worth remembering that because of the material's amazing natural strength and durability, a pair of well made pyjamas from high quality silk can last years. Especially if they are properly looked after. Add the accumulated benefits of sleeping well and I’m sure you will agree, sleeping in silk makes a lot of sense. After all Its scientifically proven!


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