Va-Va Zoom


by Camilla Ridley

With video calling apps proving increasingly popular and the world of work changing fast, we've produced a handy guide to help you always look and feel your absolute best on screen


Influencer Becky @bricksandstitches is well versed in on-screen style and is pictured here in a new relaxed style Ridley London printed floral cotton top.

You only have to look at the positive coverage around what the queen wore on her recent broadcast to appreciate the importance of the role colour plays in communication. Back in 2012, I appeared on the Lorraine Kelly TV show as a colour expert talking about the Queen’s colours in the Jubilee year, because she is my Queen of Colour, always looking radiant in her ‘true colours’. Wearing green on our screens recently, the message was clear;  to help us to stay calm (greens wavelength of light is restful on our eyes) to show her support, help us to feel strong, and to keep us feeling balanced and centred (psychologically this is what green represents).  What better way to communicate to her country through the TV, wearing such a perfect colour choice right now in this current situation.

I really hope you and your loved ones are well, staying safe and managing to maintain a modicum of sanity. These really are unprecedented times and I’ve got to say, I’m missing the cut and thrust of daily working life enormously. Especially spending time in the shop with customers and my wonderful team. Although nothing beats human interaction in the flesh, we’re lucky to have a plethora of new social media and video communication tools at our fingertips. Staying connected with friends and family has never been easier. Zoom and what’s App have kept the wheels turning through isolation here at Ridley, enabling video styling and fittings with customers and giving us a glimpse of a brave new future. Where would we be without the ritual of the obligatory Friday evening G&T on House Party? And I’ve been moved to tears by the stories of families Face Timing final good byes to their loved ones in intensive care units across the UK and around the world. It really puts any frustrations we might be facing into sharp perspective and highlights the heroic efforts of medical and care teams to to bring humanity to the most challenging circumstances. The thing that has interested me most of all about all this, is the ease that these new technologies have been adopted and how they are already shaping our perceptions of what life after lock down might look like. If a number of articles and conversations I've had with other business people recently are to be believed, more home working and a 'video first' approach is looking like it's here to stay. And if that helps to take pressure off transport networks and further reduces global emissions, it can only be a good thing.

I’ve also noticed a number of other brands using this 'zoom boom’ to market new collections of workwear, cosmetics and jewellery. And I was very interested to read fashion legend Tom Ford’s technical tips for looking your best on zoom in The New York Times last week. As we increasingly focus in on the cropped heads and shoulders on our screens, especially if they’re mobile devices, it seems to me that colour and pattern (not to mention hair and make-up, lighting and how we get the most out of our devices) will start to play an even greater roll in defining our perceptions of people and ultimately our digital relationships. In essence, the digital revolution is turning us all into our very own image management and production teams. If this sounds like a lot to take on board, don’t worry, if you know what you’re doing, there are some very quick and easy steps to success. 


Two of Ridley London's relaxed silk blouses (from left to right) the best selling Honor blouse and new Alicia top can be tailored to fit in your choice of plain and printed silks.

To help you always look and feel your very best, especially when you’re on-screen, we’ve created a fabulous new collection of Ridley London tops. Designed with individuality and versatility in mind, the collection features a spectrum of relaxed new styles which will take you from work meetings on Zoom right through to that evening social on House Party. And because they’re made out of super fine silk, they’re perfect for warmer weather and the coming summer months. Learn More about the amazing properties of silk here.  Most of all, every item will be individually made to order in London by our amazing team of seamstresses, so any of the new styles can be tailored in any of our printed floral or solid silks for your most flattering fit. All from the comfort of your home with our new virtual tailoring service.

We’ve also assembled a panel of leading industry experts and have created three concise, tutorials which will ensure you always look and feel you're very best on screen. Whatever the occasion. We’re also going to be running a series of IGTV workshops to promote this and will be in touch with details soon. Tutorial one is available at the link below, with the others launching very soon. Now I think it’s about time I introduced you to the gurus behind our guide.

Tutorial 1. Look younger and connect better by wearing the right colours with Fashion colour expert Jules Standish

Author of the original bestseller ‘How Not to Wear Black’, broadcaster and Senior Colour Lecturer at The London College of Style, Jules has worked as an image adviser to governments, numerous celebrities, charities and well-known corporations. Most importantly she advises a number of leading broadcast channels and presenters on dressing for screen. In her Tutorial Jules is going to teach you which colours are going to enhance your unique on screen style and make you look younger, fresher and really glow. She’s also going to show you how to use colour to deliver outstanding outcomes in your daily life.

Tutorial 2. Your perfect video call set up with Leading fashion photographer Oliver Pearce

Ollie is an award winning photographer who has created iconic campaigns for many of the world’s best known fashion and beauty brands and publications. His client list reads like a who's who of International fashion including Grazia Magazine, Image magazine, Guess, Harrods, Benetton, L'Oreal, Malissa Odabash, Victoria Beckham….and Ridley London of course! Ollie's knowledge of the technicalities and techniques behind creating the perfect image are unsurpassed, particularly the use and control of light. In his tutorial, Ollie is going to teach you the importance of getting the right set up and some quick, simple tricks so you always look and feel you’re very best on screen.

Tutorial 3. Skin hair and make-up Wendy Sadd, 

Wendy is a leading international makeup artist who has worked on award winning campaigns for many of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion and beauty brands and publications. During her 30 year career she’s been responsible for helping some of the worlds most recognised faces glow on camera including models, actors, musicians, sports stars and royalty. Her work on video campaigns for the likes of Burberry, Dunhill and Bamford and high production pop videos for A-listers like Paul McCartney and Duran Duran give her an extraordinary insight into how make up works on screen and how to use it to enhance your natural assets.

I hope you will find these tutorials useful and we look forward to being in touch with details of our IGTV event. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or we can help you in any way. Now I really must zoom!



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