Your transformational colours for winter 2019


by Camilla Ridley

We all want to look and feel our very best, and as the days get shorter and the light harsher, wearing the right colours has an increasingly transformational effect. Helping you to look, younger, thinner, healthier and feel more energised. Colour guru Jules Standish is back to show you your transformative colours for the season.


Influencers Becky @bricksandstitches and Kat farmer @doesmybumlook40 embracing two of this winter 2019's key colours in Ridley London's new printed floral silk Alicia midi dress in the teal Isadora print and black silk and lace Rebecca blouse and luxurious black leather wrap skirt. 

At Ridley London, we think everyone deserves a dependable wardrobe that really flatters and works for them. We want to help you to make more informed choices about fashion so you find the right pieces to positively transform the way you look and feel. From time to time, we like to bring in expert insights, intelligence and opinion from across the industry; debate the latest thinking and ideas, and give you the knowledge you need so always look and feel your very best.

Following on from our fabulous fashion insights event last season, colour guru Jules Standish is back with her expert take on this season's key colours and to pinpoint the shades which are going to really enhance the way you look and feel this season. We're literally talking colours that will strip years off you, helping you to look, younger, thinner, healthier and feel more energised, invigorated and ready to take on the world. Not a bad remedy for the on-set of winter. And once again, Jules has agreed to host an exclusive 'colour lab' personal styling event which will be happening at our Ridley & Co Barnes store on the 26th of November. Just in time to help you find that perfect outfit for your Christmas events.

For those of you who haven't met before, when it comes to colour Jules really knows her stuff. She wrote the original bestseller ‘How Not to Wear Black’, is Senior Colour Lecturer at The London College of Style, a broadcaster and has worked as an image adviser to governments, numerous celebrities, charities and well-known corporations. And she's been all over the press this summer thanks to her groundbreaking work with Brands like Honor Telecoms and fashion insights in The Telegraph. In fact, we don’t think we could find anyone more qualified or with more expertise to help you to find your perfect colours for this season. So without further ado, here’s Jules to give you some brief, expert insights into the power and science of colour.



Pantone Living Coral 16-1546 TCX is the colour of the year for 2019 and has been de-constructed for this season. Influencer Kat @doesmybumlook40 pictured here wearing a Ridley London statement Martha printed floral silk maxi dress shown here in coral pavilion silk with DJ Jo Wiley at this years The Chelsea Flower Show

I’m really excited to be teaming up with you guys at Ridley London again to give your readers a fresh perspective on dressing with colour. As an image consultant, stylist and colour specialist, I’ve experienced the ways colour can transform how a diverse spectrum of people look and feel about themselves on numerous occasions. In fact, the effect of simply matching the right colours to the right person is incredibly profound. And this effect is only magnified with age.

My previous blog for Ridley London focusses on the science of colour analysis and outlines the approach and specific techniques I use with clients. You can read more about this here. For this post, I'm going to focus on this season's key on-trend colours and explain how they work and show you which ones are going to really enhance the way you look and feel as we head into winter. Making fashion choices consciously will ensure you get the most out of your wardrobe: knowing that an outfit purchased this Autumn is going to work for you, whatever event or everyday lifestyle you lead. For this season and beyond.

At first glance, the official industry pallet for this season (as defined by Pantone colour forecasting) is a complete contrast to summers' vibrant tones (featured in my previous blog). there's a spectrum of bold reds to earthy browns and literally everything in between. However, it is in fact a subtle evolution from last season, and a clever de-constructed take on Pantone's colour of the year and summer's hottest shade 'Living Coral' - both literally and metaphorically.

Vibrant 'Living Coral' was chosen to bring energy, creativity and positivity to a somewhat politically, socially and economically stuck backdrop. And In turn it was supported by a pallet of vibrant summer hues united by an adventurous and optimistic orange base tone. This has evolved into a more sophisticated set of rich autumnal variants for this season like 'Orange Tiger' and 'Rich Cheddar'. Passionate, driven reds including 'Merlot', 'Chilli Pepper' and 'Biking Red' and vibrant yellows like 'Antique Moss' and 'Butterscotch'. Carefully blend them together and you will literally end up with a Coral colour. Pantone's selection also features a handful of earthy greens and deep blues, clearly a deliberate segway into their natural and calming Pallett forecast for next year. Blue and green light frequencies have been scientifically proven to increase oxytocin release promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing. And If you are thinking ahead and looking to invest in an outfit to wear into spring and beyond, then these might be the shades for you.

Most importantly, which colours and tones are really going to slim, flatter and bring a healthy, younger glow to your complexion? To provide accurate results and positive lasting effects, colour analysis needs to take into account multiple variables including your personality, health and wellbeing, your facial features and imperfections, as well as your genetics, your eye and hair colouring along with your perceived and desired image and lifestyle aspirations. Something this specific is always easier to achieve in person. And as a forerunner to the Ridley London styling event I'm hosting later this season, I've included my psychological profiling questionaire which you can complete and submit here. An in-depth colour analysis will determine the specific colour type you fit into and will pinpoint the tones and variants which best fit your personality and communicate your image aspirations. With this in mind, I have allocated this season's key fashion tones into the four primary 'seasonal' colour types and explained their positive effects within each case. I've also included some specific examples of garments from this season's Ridley London collection which will really flatter and enhance each of these four groupings.

Summer types


Jules Standish's selection of Pantone colours for cool summer types this season includes (from left to right) evening blue, bluestone, dove grey, lavender, cranberry and sugar almond. Ridley London's collection of made to order dresses, skirts, tops and jumpsuits can be tailored to fit in many of these on-trend colours.

Essential Personality Traits: The observer, the diplomat, the introvert; You are creative, like to spend time alone and are a great listener.

Summer Cool Colouring Profile: Pink undertones, complexion is light and lacks colour, doesn’t tan well, hair can be ash blonde or cool light brown, with blue or grey eyes. As a rule of thumb you suit cool, pastel tones of pinks, purples, blues, greys and silver.

Colour Match Autumn Winter 2019:  Some of this seasons muted soft shades are perfect for your colouring, from cool neutrals like dove grey, and sugar almond a beautiful nod to autumns brown, and wonderful for you as black is not part of your palette. Pretty, feminine lavender and bluestone, added with stronger cranberry pink, will make up your best floral patterns on a backdrop of navy blue are the fashionable colour choices for you this winter.


This season's Ridley London collection of luxury designer silk dresses, skirts, blouses and jumpsuits are available in a number of colours and prints ideally suited to cool summer colouring types including (from top): The Grania printed floral silk midi dress in navy Floral Affair, (bottom left) The Milly printed floral silk shirt dress in peppermint Covey satin and (bottom right) the Vinia wrap dress shown here in Palm Paradise satin.

Your Hero Ridley Garment This Season:  The Grania Midi Dress. Navy blue is the perfect cool backdrop for a floral pretty pattern as all shades of blue, including the lighter ones seen in this dress are calming and restful to the eye, and a fabulous colour for ultimate communication, and with pink the colour of love and compassion they are the perfect partners. This dress is a perfect combination of Pantone's ‘evening blue’ background with cool hot ‘Fruit dove’ pink and the lighter, softer shades of ‘Bluestone’.

Other ‘Summer’ choices: Virginia Midi in muted greens. Vinia wrap in cool blue and taupe. Grania midi in pinks and white. Venetia midi. Millie shirt dress in peppermint

Winter types


Jules Standish's selection of Pantone colours for cool winter types this season includes (from left to right) black, evening blue, tyrian purple, merlot, dove pink and forest green. Ridley London's collection of made to order dresses, skirts, tops and jumpsuits can be tailored to fit in many of these on-trend colours.

Essential Personality Traits: The true introvert, fabulous in their own company, a perfectionist with high standards, probably loves art and design, and makes a loyal friend. Sometimes appears aloof, and can feel self-conscious.

Winter Cool Colouring Profile: Light or dark-skinned, no high colour on the face, distinctive features, hair is ash blonde, grey or black with no red or gold in it, looks fabulous wearing black up against the face, eyes can be cool blue or dark brown. They suit the dramatic black and white, fuchsia pink, pine green, true blue, red, charcoal grey, and platinum.

Colour Match Autumn Winter 2019:  Winter lady you truly come into your own this season, with black being such a fabulous and natural part of your palette, combine in a dramatic way with rich dark Merlot Red, and cool Hot Fruit, Dove pink, combined with some ‘Tyrian’ dark blue, and Forest Green for the dynamic look you love.


This season's Ridley London collection of luxury designer silk dresses, skirts, blouses and jumpsuits are available in a number of colours and prints ideally suited to winter colouring types including (from top): The Adrianna printed floral silk midi dress in black Floral Thyme, (bottom left) The Katerina floral print silk pussy bow blouse in black Primavera and (bottom right) the Rebecca blouse in black satin.

Your Hero Ridley Garment This Season: The Adrianna Shirt Dress. Black is protective, mysterious and keeps things hidden, it helps to feel in control of situations and relationships, combined with creative, inspirational purple and joyous, optimistic yellow and orange. This dress has the cool black background perfect for Winter types and always fashionable, plus an on trend accessory in the form of a black leather belt for a cinched in waist and chiffon inserts for ultimate feminine style. The winter florals combine this seasons Pantone purple ‘grapeade’ and hints of hot ‘Tiger-Orange’ and ‘Dark Cheddar’.

Other ‘Winter’ choices: Black silk culottes and shirt.Red tartan maxi skirt and black Rebecca blouse. Ellie jumpsuits. Mayara trousers and Carmen blouse. Black leather skirt and Katerina blouse. Martha midi black background mint. Black chiffon Margot carmen. Araminta midi


Spring types


Jules Standish's selection of Pantone colours for spring types this season includes (from left to right) evening blue, rocky road, chilli pepper red, orange tiger and vanilla custard. Ridley London's collection of made to order dresses, skirts, tops and jumpsuits can be tailored to fit in many of these on-trend colours.

Essential Personality Traits: the conversationalist, sociable, good communicator, outgoing, enjoys change, excitable, youthful and a good team player.

Spring Warm Colouring Profile: yellow or golden skin-tone, tendency to blush, or a high cheek colour, complexion varies between very fair-skinned, freckled or dark with skin that tans well, hair golden blonde, brunette, red or black hair with gold or auburn tones, eyes can be clear blue with yellow sunburst, green or brown. They suit warm bright yellows, corals, peach, lime, ivory, camel and bright gold.

Colour Match Autumn Winter 2019:  This season you Spring ladies can bask in bright glory with hot spicy ‘Chilli Pepper’ Red or ‘Orange Tiger’ a wow shade of living coral in your own warm palette. Combine with some well needed calmer neutrals like ‘Vanilla Custard’ or ‘rocky road’ brown. As black isn’t part of your natural palette consider using Navy ‘evening blue’ as a softer, kinder alternative to your skin tone, to keep it looking healthy and glowing. 


This season's Ridley London collection of luxury designer silk dresses, skirts, blouses and jumpsuits are available in a number of colours and prints ideally suited to spring colouring types including (from top): The Martha printed floral silk midi dress in teal frieze crepe silk, (bottom left) The Kathy silk blouse in poppy silk satin (bottom right) the Katerina blouse in petrol satin paired with a teal printed floral silk Martha midi skirt in.

Your Hero Ridley Garment This Season: The Martha Midi dress Warm bright turquoise is an uplifting, youthful shade of blue and the best colour for keeping a suntan going throughout the autumn. With warm florals in pantones ‘butterscotch’ yellow to inject some sunshine and joy and ‘peach pink’ their autumn version of pantones chosen colour of the year ‘living coral’ in its lighter and warmer form which provides adventure and fun into the bright blue and royal navy mix.

Other ‘Spring’ choices: Sophie Midi is also a classic spring colouring, as is the Red & Fuschia Eustacia print Maxi skirt matched with the red Kathy blouse. The petrol coloured Katerina blouse matched with the Martha Midi skirt would also work well. As would the Eliza jumpsuit, although this is more of a winter base colour with an exuberant spring coloured pattern.

Autumn types


Jules Standish's selection of Pantone colours for autumn types this season includes (from left to right) chicory coffee, rocky road, caramel, gold, dark cheddar, butterscotch, guacamole, green olive, grapeade and créme de peche. Ridley London's collection of made to order dresses, skirts, tops and jumpsuits can be tailored to fit in many of these on-trend colours.

Essential Personality Traits:  driven, a natural leader and extrovert who tends to get bored easily and enjoys being in charge. You are honest, upfront and straightforward. And a very trustworthy friend. 

Autumn Warm Colouring Profile: golden undertones in the skin, which can have a bronze or metallic look to it and can tan very dark, hair golden blonde, chestnut, auburn, rich brown, black with gold or red highlights, eyes khaki green or brown, sometimes blue, never bright. You suit the rich, very warm, muted, earthy tones of burnt orange, mustard, chestnut, khaki, brick red and terracotta, combined with cream and antique gold.

Colour Match Autumn Winter 2019:  This season really belongs to you Autumn lady, with brown being the new black there are so many shades for you to luxuriate in from the warm earthy ‘caramel’, ‘gold’ and ‘Chicory coffee’ to dark chocolate ‘Rocky road’. Combine with beautiful golden yellows ‘dark cheddar’ or lighter ‘butterscotch’ or opt for ‘crème de peche’ a peachy cream to add some freshness and clarity to your look. ‘Guacamole’ olive, and military khaki green provide balance and harmony to your autumn wardrobe, adding an accent of ‘Grapeade’ a muted purple into the mix for fabulous colour combining.  


This season's Ridley London collection of luxury designer silk dresses, skirts, blouses and jumpsuits are available in a number of colours and prints ideally suited to autumn colouring types including (from top): The Katerina silk pussy bow blouse in caramel satin, (bottom left) The Honour silk blouse in military silk satin worn here with a maxi skirt in the coral silk frieze print (bottom right) the Margot Carmen silk midi dress in the teal small Eustacia floral print

Your Hero Ridley Garment This Season: The Katerina blouse in caramel gold combines beautifully with other shades of brown (see above) or Pantone's neutrals of crème de peche, a warm peachy cream, or vanilla custard for sheer class and a chic look. Also combine this dreamy silk shirt with denim blues or black for some autumn drama!

Other ‘Autumn’ choices: Vinia wrap dress shown here in this season's key autumnal tones is absolutely spot on as is the Margot carmen midi in teal Eustacia as well as the same dress in the green and gold Emma Louise print. My other great looks for autumn colouring are the Martha midi skirt teal, the military green Honor blouse and Coral frieze maxi skirt

How to wear fashionable dark florals this season (even if it's not in your natural colour palette)

A big trend for this season is dark florals, with many sitting on a black background. Black, particularly in Winter seems to always be fashion. Women believe that it is slimming, smart, glamorous, easy to wear, when in fact it only truly suits around 15% of women in the western world. Only these ‘Winter’ introverts (outlined above) have the cool, dramatic colouring to look fabulous wearing black up against the face, and NOT highlight the ageing process or make the face look tired with dark circles and shadows on the face. Black is, in fact, the absence of colour so it is beneficial psychologically to be worn in combination with other colours to convey not only an image of glamour and sophistication but also to feel uplifted and happy, to create an emotional balance for ultimate well-being.

So, if you want to know ‘How NOT to Wear Black’ and whether you have the colouring to look stunning in black OR need to learn the tools to wear black away from your face and still look healthy and fabulous read my book available at Amazon, and take your own Personality Questionnaire and discover your ‘true colours’ and whether black is part of them. For now, I will share with you some of my top tips for wearing black this season and not damaging your looks.

1. Avoid wearing black against the face in high necked tops including polo’s and crews.

2. To allow for your natural skin tone to reflect against the face wear black tops and dresses with a low neckline.

3. Match the right coloured make up to your own personal skin tone i.e. warm or cool and this will ensure your complexion looks its best if you do wear black up against it.

4. Scarves are your best friends.  Choose colours and fabrics to suit your own personal colouring and style preference and wear with black to bring out the best of your features.

5. Choose coloured jewellery either stones in amber, turquoise, topaz or coral.  Pearls or gold for warm skins and silver for cool.  Any coloured statement piece will look good with black.

6. If wearing your little black dress put a coloured shawl, cape or pashmina around your shoulders for an instant colour lift against the face and added warmth.

7. Black jackets should be worn with a coloured or neutral shirt as the collar will then reflect well up against your skin and not black.

8. If black trousers are your thing, then make sure you wear a lovely coloured top; plain, patterned, floral or striped.

9. Coloured blazers and jackets are so flattering and fashionable and will instantly update an old black wardrobe favourite.

10. When looking to purchase a little black dress for the winter season opt for a two-tone dress with either black on the bottom and colour on the top or for a really slimming look colour down the middle with black at the sides.

The Christmas Colour Lab

Want to ensure you look and feel absolutely stunning for any special events this season? Jules Standish is running 'Colour Lab' at Ridley London's Barnes store with some of our favourite influencers on November 26th. Jules will be talking all things colour, sharing her expert insights and running exclusive one-2-one styling sessions to help you discover your perfect colours and tones for the festive season. The event will take place on 26 November at 6pm at Ridley & Co, 82 Church Road, Barnes London SW13 0DQ. Jules will be taking questions and advising individuals on their colour choices until 8pm. There's a limited number of tickets available for this event and we would encourage anyone who's interested in coming to e-mail: in advance to reserve a place. 

More information on Jules Standish and The Colour Consultancy 

More information on Pantone's colours for the season

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