The statement skirt is back


by Camilla Ridley

Loved by the press, a printed floral silk maxi skirt is a more versatile, stylish alternative to lockdown leggings. Here's why and how to wear it for the best results.


Our new Ridley London statement maxi skirts are individually made to order from your choice of luxurious silks, cotton and wools and can be tailored for your most flattering fit. Shown here in the stunning rose gold opera printed silk satin

So here we are in lockdown once again. And whatever your take on the science or political persuasion, I think we can all safely say this was not an outcome any of us was hoping for. Once again we’ve had to close the doors to our Ridley London store and I’m hoping we will still be able to keep our team of talented British seamstresses busy with on-line orders. There are definitely some positive differences this time around, especially with an effective vaccine now available and a lot less confusion and absolute sense of the unknown. We’ll be able to meet up outdoors on a one to one basis and exercise more regularly. And let's face it, while there’s still loo roll on supermarket shelves, it’s difficult not to remain optimistic.


As well as a variety of printed floral silks, our popular tiered Sammy maxi skirt is also available in statement metallic silk and luxurious velvet for the festive season ahead. Modelled here by influencer, campaigner and broadcaster Deborah James @bowelbabe

In response, the fashion press has been chocka with predictable lockdown leisurewear including the ubiquitous cashmere joggers. And that’s fine. While infection curves rise and temperatures drop, naturally a great deal of comfort can be taken in battening down the proverbial hatches and cosying up on our collective sofas until spring…. Seriously?! Have you forgotten the last lockdown? A possible six whole months of leisurewear and box sets. Not to mention lockdown hair. It's enough to drive even the most controlled and seemingly stable of us mad. Here in Hampshire cabin fever is already starting to set in after one week. And with forecasts of a long, hard winter looking likely, we will all need ways to relieve the daily monotony and keep ourselves feeling positive.

It’s well documented, that the way we dress has an enormous impact on how we all feel, and by that measure directly influences our closest relationships. Which lets face it, are probably already feeling some strain with the potential prospect of months together again. So initially while it’s incredibly tempting to treat the next few weeks like one endless sartorial Sunday morning, it’s not necessarily that helpful to our collective wellbeing. Especially if you are working from home, trying to maintain work-life boundaries, positive energy and a sense of purpose. So among the reams of articles on the latest leggings, it’s been great to see one or two journalists extolling the virtues of maintaining an altogether smarter lockdown look. And high on every fashionista's list of must haves this winter is the magical elongating maxi skirt.


Maxi Catwalk inspiration with statement skirts for Spring 2021 from left: Emilia Wickstead, Paria Farzaneh, Prada and Giorgio Armani 

As Victoria Moss recently pointed out in The Sunday Times Style: "While we’ve all been nurturing a devotion to dresses, which have become increasingly shapeless, waist-swerving things, skirts are staging a tempting comeback.” And as it goes, skirts are going to be very much on our radar next spring.” In fact the virtual catwalks from Erdem and Emilia Wickstead, to Molly Goddard, Dries Van Noten and Prada have been packed with multiple floor sweeping numbers in an array of punchy spring florals and sublime satins. Now this all makes perfect sense if your lockdown literally consists of endless zoom cocktail calls (see our recent blog on best ways to look good on zoom). But most of us, something a little more versatile and practical is required. That perfect skirt which lets us venture out to the local supermarket, will see us into spring, and can be seamlessly dressed up for an evening of domestic glamour. 

This season we have a whole range on Ridley skirts which are very much inspired by the latest looks but tuned up for maximum flattery and practicality. (Clearly remembering the last lockdown) elasticated waists are already proving popular! And like all of our Ridley London dresses, tops and blouses our skirts are individually cut to order, so can be made up in any of our beautiful Liberty print silks, cottons and new wools and velvets. And can be tailored for your perfect fit through our new virtual styling and tailoring service. Call us to find out more...


Maxi versatility! Our popular tiered printed floral Sammy maxi skirt is styled here three ways for winter by the ever chic London influencer Sammy Duder @thetuqoiseflamingo. Clockwise from top left: worn with a simple shirt that picks up the lighter tones in the skirt, top right: worn with a classic biker jacket and heels for a more dressy evening look. Bottom: worn with a new Ridley London Polly Polo Neck in olive and ink merino wool

Once you’ve settled on that statement maxi skirt, there are a number of easy ways to dress it up or down depending on what’s needed. So for an easy daytime winter look, I’d recommend a great chunky Ridley knit, a pair of boots and maybe a leather biker thrown over for a bit of added nonchalant street chic. And if it’s really cold, who will notice the cashmere joggers or leggings underneath. Equally as Victoria Moss again points out, a statement silk skirt can be easily glammed up for evening: "On top of your skirt you may indulge in a chic knit, perhaps with a little bit of pizzazz threaded through, if you fancy.” And perhaps a bit of statement jewellery thrown in for good measure. Likewise if you’re working you may want to plumb for plain blouse. "Often they were paired with a crisp white shirt — recalling Sharon Stone at the Oscars in her lilac satin Vera Wang skirt and a Gap shirt — which is very “yes, I’m on a conference call at 4pm, but I’ve also got a martini just out of shot”. Finally when spring rolls in and temperatures and optimism increase, swap the knit for a simple t-shirt, the boots for trainers and the biker for a denim jacket, et voila! A whole new wardrobe of looks, with one item. A statement Ridley maxi skirt. What could be simpler?


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